Mackenzie Zastrow

Experienced software engineer who strives to streamline processes and eliminate inefficiencies. Strong experience in leading a team and mentoring new members in growing skillsets needed in an agile environment. Professionally skilled in the .NET stack including WPF, Windows Forms, and ASP.NET Core. Proficient in web development with a keen eye for CSS and TypeScript.

Work Experience

  1. Principal Software Engineer

    Cognex Corporation West Allis, WI 2020 – present
    • Designed and implemented test automation framework that uses unique remote-code-execution technique to accelerate test development and improve product stability
    • Acted as product owner to provide expertise and knowledge to scrum team
  2. Senior Software Engineer

    Cognex Corporation West Allis, WI 2018 – 2020
    • Developed the customer-facing front-end to the new deep-learning engine on our smart cameras, enabling customers to solve difficult problems for traditional machine vision
    • Lead escalation team to address high‑priority customer problems in order to deliver solutions to bugs encountered in the field
    • Lead scrum team as scrum master, defining the processes put in place as company moved to scrum, facilitating team velocity and provided a framework for product-owners and scrum masters to effectively collaborate
    • Designed and developed numerous tools and applications to streamline processes
  3. Associate/Software Engineer

    Cognex Corporation West Allis, WI 2012 – 2018
    • Introduced and designed MVVM application architecture, streamlining development, reducing coupling, and increasing testability
    • Became local expert of C# and WPF, creating training materials and leading discussions around the technologies
    • Initiated the use of NuGet packages and implemented the process for creating, releasing, and maintaining new packages, providing a faster way to manage dependencies and reduce ramp-up time
    • Implemented coding guidelines and created tooling and processes for team code review, allowing team to move faster with fewer bugs
    • Trained and mentored two interns who were hired fulltime and became subject‑experts in their areas

Open Source & Hobbies

  • StackOverflow

    Top 5% in reputation site-wide and in C#; over total 80 answers, with a focus on C#, Visual Studio, WPF, and a dabbling in PHP/JavaScript

  • NUnit.ApplicationDomain

    GitHub C#/.NET

    Enables NUnit tests to execute independently in their own Application Domain; over 11 releases and 20+ resolved issues

  • Friendly Engine

    GitHub TypeScript/HTML/CSS

    WYSIWYG Page/Control Designer inspired by Windows Forms Designer allowing pages to be designed in a straightforward manner


    GitHub C#/.NET/WPF

    Warm-Reload for WPF applications allowing faster development by automatically reloading the control being programmed